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Overview of the Ledger Hack and best practices going forwards

Alec M

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nice one @spacerace
There is one advice that I think can not be repeated enough : if you are part of the 270k people whose address and phone was revealed, the best is probably to do nothing, in the sense : don't tweet about it, don't show off on any social media or publicly about it and READ : do not accept, click, reply to any of the threat, sms, emails and the like you'll receive.

Yes, it will be scary, but that is the goal : scare you so you give your funds. remember one thing : nobody know if you bought anything from ledger and what you did with it, I can bet that out of those 270k, there is a nice mix of the ones that bought it for a Xmas present, to try it, to test as blockchain researcher and so on and so on, and the likelihood, for a scammer or an attacker, to hit the jackpot by coming to your house is only remotely plausible. And they know that.
Remember that if somebody want to pay a visit to a house hoping for a jackpot, there are faster and easier way to do it rather than bet on a Ledger Nano owner. Just follow a guy with an expensive car, pick and choose a nice cosy house in a rich neighborhood for example.

If you live in a country where Police is something you can have trust in, go and report each and every scam attempts, eventually, they will be caught.
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and yes of course : any 2FA linked to your phone number, probably time to change this and get a specific phone number just for that.